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We offer a variety of study programs in mathematics and science with the best quality

The Higher Education Quality Assurance System is a systematic activity to improve the quality of higher education in a planned and sustainable manner. The Internal Quality Assurance System is the activity of the higher education quality assurance system by each tertiary institution autonomously to control and improve the implementation of education in a planned and sustainable manner. University of Bengkulu Quality Assurance System is an autonomous and independent education quality assurance activity at University of Bengkulu to control and improve education providers at University of Bengkulu in a planned and sustainable manner. The quality assurance unit is for second quality assurance, while the quality control unit is for quality assurance of study programs.

The University of Bengkulu quality assurance system functions to control the implementation of education at University of Bengkulu to realize quality higher education. The Internal Quality Assurance System functions to control the implementation of education, research and community service by the Academic and Non-Academic Civitas. At University of Bengkulu level to make Education, Research and Community Service authoritative. The National Standard for Higher Education is a standard unit that includes the National Education Standard, plus the National Research Standard, and the National
Community Service Standard.

Focus on developing innovative and creative technology that is useful to society

University of Bengkulu (UNIB) is the largest university in the province of
Bengkulu which has an important role in the development of the nation because of its superior position strategically as an agent of transformation of human, science and technology and social resources in change Public.

Focus the study of “Research on Coastal Areas and Tropical Rainforests” which can be studied from various disciplinary point of view. We are committed to developing innovation and community service with appropriate technology

We are a solid team, formed from a qualified teaching and academic staff, Including bona fide and credible professors and researchers

Our faculty has adequate human resources, originating from various educational bases both from within and outside the country. we foster a comfortable academic atmosphere and according to service standards.

Variety of student activities and field experiences

Student research is useful as a scientific and academic self-development.
Students are also required to always develop their abilities in terms of soft skills and self-maturity in order to solve all existing problems including social problems that occur daily that are often encountered. Students must develop a mindset that is critical of all existing phenomena and then study scientifically to then get the best solutions. Student research is part of the curriculum is an obligation that must be carried out in order to meet the credit quota offered by universities. This activity is not only carried out to fulfill the formalities of learning but more than that, a study should be able to provide benefits to many communities so that the research really must be done.

Student formal activities involving supervisors in it to direct and be responsible for the process and results of the research will also be contributed to the community as a new innovation and creativity. Not only students are fully responsible for research but supervisors also have great authority in terms of directing, providing guidance, and supervision, especially on the scientific substance of the fields / disciplines needed by students in the preparation of the thesis / final project, starting from the stage of preparing proposals, implementing studies, to preparing reports on the results of studies, and writing publication manuscripts.

For this reason, the presence and participation of supervisors greatly determines the success of student research so that the results of the research can be effective for the student himself and can also be contributed to the community as new information in terms of knowledge. we also guide student research by exploring the tropical land to the coastal and marine area, including its potential to be in line with the research map in our faculty.

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Anda ingin kuliah di Universitas Bengkulu Tahun 2024

Universitas Bengkulu menerima mahasiswa baru melalui Seleksi Nasional Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru (SNPMB) Tahun 2024. Jalur SNBP, SNBT dan Mandiri Universitas Bengkulu. Berikut sosialisainya, silahkan disimak informasinya di video berikut :


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