Program development and review are absolutely necessary in developing an organization.
This development and review is carried out based on predetermined references or guidelines. The
guidelines are used based on decisions that have been issued by the faculty board. In terms of
referring to the existing guidelines on the quality assurance unit.


  1. The Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is responsible for:
    a. Make a decision letter from the workshop committee for review and development of the
    b. Determine the implementation of workshops for review, revision and development of
    c. Invite the entire academic community of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural
    Sciences to carry out the review and development of the program.
    d. Inviting stake holders, students, alumni and other competent parties
    e. Establishing the activities of the study program as a result of the workshop
  2. The Head of study program is responsible for:
    a. Assessing the development of the program
    b. Investigating the problems of program implementation in the past semesters for
    c. Provide direction to the working group team regarding the material for the
    implementation of the program review workshop
  3. The working group team is responsible for:
    a. Coordinating to develop program development plans
    b. Conducting SWOT analysis internally by involving students, lecturers and externally by
    inviting alumni and graduate users

c. Develop graduate profiles and graduate competencies based on the results of swot
d. Report the results of the preparation of graduate profiles and competencies to the head of
the study program

  1. The committee is responsible for:
    a. Disseminate invitations to program development and review participants
    b. Prepare technically for the implementation of program development and review events
    c. Document all results of program development and review workshops
  2. Lecturers of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences are responsible for:
    a. Conduct workshops as scheduled
    b. Appreciative of the implementation of development and review in providing input

Implemantation of Process: