The Quality Assurance Unit (UPM) is a unit for implementing Faculty quality
assurance in accordance with SPMI and Faculty policy standards. UPM is tasked with
gradually and continuously improving academic quality through the development of a quality
assurance system and carrying out monitoring and evaluation of the faculty’s performance.
UPM functions as an internal quality assurance plan referring to the vision, mission,
preparation of academic and non-academic internal quality assurance standards (SPMI),
organizing training, consulting, mentoring, coordinating and implementing internal quality
audits (AMI) on an ongoing basis referring to SPMI and policies faculty. The main task of
UPM is to compile quality assurance documents and develop quality assurance programs in
the implementation of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education.

Based on the Rector’s Decree Number 1239/UN30.12/HK/2021 regarding the revision
of the appointment of the UPM and GKM FMIPA management at Bengkulu University for the
period 2021-2023, UPM is led by a UPM Head assisted by a secretary and several members
who are appointed and dismissed by the Chancellor at the suggestion of the Dean. The Head
of UPM has the task of leading the supervision and quality control of the implementation and
management of academic and non-academic activities, referring to the SPMI and the Faculty’s
policy standards. The following is the composition of UPM membership:

Dr. Jarulis, S.Si., M.Si : Supervisor
Ashar Muda Lubis, S.Si., M.Sc., Ph.D : Director
Dr.Eng. Asdim, S.Si., M.Si : Vice Director
Kurnia Dewiani, S.ST., M.Keb : Head of UPM
Winalia Agwil, S.Si., M.Si : Secretary of UPM
Septri Damayanti, S.Si., M.Si : Member
Vestidhia Yunisya Atmaja, S.Si., M.Sc : Member
apt. Septi Wulandari., S.Far., M.Sc : Member
Linda Yulyani, S.ST., M.Keb : Member
Septi Johan, M.Si : Member
Ns. Bardah Wassalamah, M.Kep : Member